Friday, January 30, 2009

12 Play May Be Over Before The Fore Play

Although there was supposed to be a release date for the singer's fourth branch to the 12 Play tree, R.Kelly's new CD may not live at all. The entire album was leaked over the internet through various sharing sites. Rumor is it was leaked by the 'R' himself. But the question at hand is why? I mean from what I've heard, the whole album isn't a far cry from the previous albums in the 12 Play roster. With his metaphoric strength and symbolic wordplay, well that of which is only expected of him, he could have another top seller. Then again maybe the singer has found every possible way to get freaky. With number ones like 'Sex Planet' and 'Freaky In The Club', I doubt thats it. Since the entire album has been leaked a release date doesn't seem likely. But if theres anything we have learned from Mr. RnB is to always expect the unexpected.So here is a song that I am addicted to from the album .... it's pretty catchy .. so enjoy.

And Until Next Time ... Keep It Fresh ...



  1. But R Kelly is so talented as a writer that he will go in the studio and create a bunch of more songs.

    I think if one of the songs would have been a big internet hit he would have released the album though. I can't name one that really took off.

  2. your exactly right i agree he is a very great artist so this wont stop him like she said expect the unexpected :)