Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kanye West (has he left the building?)

Although the rappers new album '808's And Heartbreaks' is number 6 on the Billboard Albums Top 100 list, the question on everyone's mind is 'has this boy lost his damn mind?' Granted Mr.West has suffered a terrible lost when his mother passed away in 2008 due to surgical complications, but the new album has many fans with heads down . With tunes filled with sorrow and pain such as 'Coldest Winter' and 'Heartless' the rapper has definitely been hurt. Rumor is the heartbreak was caused by a certain video model that appeared in the 'Flashing Lights' video that left him high and dry. But since I don't resort to the rumor mill we'll just leave it as a mystery. While the CD isn't a complete failure. My question for you Kanye is, when exactly do you plan on going "hard". I hope and pray its soon but we cannot deny that the boy has a gift. I mean who could use a voice synthesizer and a few drums and keyboard sounds and sell 1.3 million copies on iTunes?

Oh, yea.. oops. Well props to my man T-Pain he has every body doing it. Its apart of Hip Flop now :) Oh yea you can use it . Well here is a song I actually enjoy off the "Heartbreak' album. Enjoy.


  1. I think I can think for everyone when I say: I hope this fool get back to making real music! Love Kanye just not this album. He has to bring it on the next album!

    Great post Ms. Sada. Look forward to many more.

  2. I agree and always the best with Ms.Sada :)