Monday, January 26, 2009

Warner Music Group Attacks Youtube users

Warner Music Group has decided to take down all videos that use the music owned by Warner Music Group. This includes videos with background music and even their own artists videos. Warner Music Group is the third largest record label meaning they own a lot of music more than you would think. Remember just because the record label is not named Warner it doesn't mean they don't own the record label.

There are already many videos on youtube from users that are protesting Warner Music Group. I respect that Warner Music Group would like to protect their artist's but they also need to respect music buyers. Warner Music is looking like bullies. Taking down video's of people singing cover songs next thing you know Warner Music Group will put Karaoke bars out of business.

Here is a group of record labels owned by Warner Music Group that I got from Wikipedia.
Warner Bros. Records – launched by Warner Bros. Pictures in 1958.
Blacksmith Records – founded by Talib Kweli in 2005.
Maverick – founded by Freddy DeMann and Madonna in 1992.
Nonesuch Records – founded by Jac Holzman in 1964 (technically still a subsidiary of Elektra Records because of its UPC prefix).
Reprise Records – founded by Frank Sinatra in 1960
Festival Mushroom Records – launched from Festival Records and Mushroom Records in 1998.
RuffNation Records
Sire Records – founded by Seymour Stein in 1966.
Word Entertainment (co-owned with Curb Records)
Word Distribution (Christian Booksellers market distribution)
Word Label Group
Word Records
Myrrh Records
Squint Entertainment
Word Music Publishing
Word Music (Printed Music)

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