Thursday, March 26, 2009


After Ruben Studdard tore the stage up. Blue Eyed modern Soul Singer Joss Stone and the legend himself Smokey Robinson took the stage with a duet. On twitter I asked Smokey Robinson if he could top Ruben's great performance. I got my answer through his performance. The answer is not only can he match that performance but he can top it. Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson performed a new song "You're The One For Me"

The living wonder, Stevie Wonder also performed a medley of his Motown hits. I don't know what is going on with Stevie's hairline but the hits speak for themselves. He also put out a damn good performance. He didn't over do the use of melisma like he can sometimes do on live shows.

Stevie also performed a new song "All About The Love Again" which sounds nice and a throwback to the sound of Motown of yesterday and included his classic harmonica.

Bottom 3: Michael, Matt and Scott

I'm very surprise that Matt was in the bottom. I predicted that Michael would be in the bottom and wasn't surprise at all that Scott was in the bottom 3. However, I didn't realize that Megan Joy has such a big voting fan base. I'm not sure if she has a big voting base or a small fan base that just votes a lot. There is always the vote for the worst effect to idol also.

Scott was the first to go back to his seat...SAFE After a performance from Stevie Wonder and a commercial break we will find out who goes home.

I say Michael is going home and I was correct. The judges also refused to save him...thank you!

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