Friday, March 6, 2009


I just want to know was I the only person extremely happy to find out that American Idol had a huge surprise. They did something that has never been done before. If you're a regular Idol watching I think it is very hard to fool us (yes us I love Idol!). We've seen just about everything by now. Remember the bottom 3 of season 3? The Three Diva's: Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia and Latoya. George Huff was asked to choose which group he thought was the safe group. He chose the 3 Diva's but he was in the wrong group. Jennifer Hudson got sent off and next thing you know she has a Grammy and Oscar. Fantasia eventually won and lost her house too. Even the first season there were surprises Tamyra Gray thought to be the only real competition for Kelly Clarkson was sent home early also. Don't forget the sex scandal involving Corey Clark and Paula Abdul but the one that really was a surprise was the Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell kiss!

Basically we're use to surprises and even upsets but a top 13? I screamed like a little girl of happiness when they told Anoop or as I like to call him Noop Dogg that he could be happy. Hell, I was happy for him. I didn't even realize that it ran long because it was so good to me.

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