Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Keri "Miss Keri Baby" Hilson and Kanye "Crazy as Hell" West is back together in "Know You Down". They been looking extra cozy but I'm not one to gossip....or am I? Oh and of course Ne "My head is Odd" Yo. You know that was funny, now laugh damn it!

Keri Hilson has been appearing a lot on this blog especially since months earlier I thought she was another overrated wannabe R&B singer. I guess taking shots at the sheriff is a good look or in her case taking shots at Beyonce and not fully owning up to them is a good look. I would have loved Miss Keri Baby if she would have just said "hell yeah it was about Beyonce, the chick needs to move to the left and it's my time to shine!" Now that would have been real talk and she would have gained a fan. However, she didn't and now I'm still on the fence but I've been diggin' the rest of her on to the video.

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