Monday, March 30, 2009


The legendary King of Motown Smokey Robinson with two Hollywood Walk of Fame stars and countless of hit records under his belt is at it again. Smokey Robinson is getting ready to release his new album and has released this single "Girlfriend" that you can download from his website

Now I'm going to admit I didn't like this song at first because I couldn't get passed of a grown ass man singing "Girlfriend". Smokey Robinson is 69 and the lyrics aren't near as deep as his older stuff. However, soon as my mom heard it she loved it but than again I think he could sing the phone book and she would love it. Maybe it just appeals to the "older" crowd but it has grown on me. So I'm not diggin' it, I do like it but I am diggin' the fact at 69 years old Smokey Robinson is still making music!

You can download "Girlfriend" on his website here

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