Monday, April 13, 2009


Britney Spears first cut off her hair and it got so much attention from the media. Cassie cut half of her hair bald and this tiny blog finally decides to write about it because there is nothing else for me to do. Damn!

Dear Cassie,

Before you can get the shit loads of media attention like Britney Spears, you first need to have the media attention. Actually you would at least have to once had the media attention but even with your one hit wonder status you never had mainstream media attention. The only reason why you do have "urban" (mainly the blogs) media attention is because everyone thinks you're f*cking Diddy. Damn!

As the character Tasha Mack said from the TV show 'The Game': "Every time a black woman cuts her hair a little black girl cries."

The Fresh Music Page

P.S. Just because we are fair and unbiased not that I have to be since I'm not a journalist, just a small blogger. I will help with the promotion of you. Look out for Cassie's new single 'Must Be Love' featuring the one and only the black Prince of twitter Diddy! The single if from her upcoming album 'Electro Love'

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  1. she`s nuts for shaving such great hair !!
    its not worth it girl NOT WORTH IT !