Saturday, April 11, 2009


The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin isn't one of the best duet partners partly because she comes from a black baptist church where singers will not only match you note from note but will also match your intensity. Most female singers feel intimidated while on the stage with Aretha all the while Aretha is having the time of her life. Aretha will never sing a song the same twice, she's like a prized fighter always on her toes.

However, some of her best duets come in the form of a man and woman. From Aretha Franklin and Luther Vandross (Doctor Orders) to the number one charting duet with George Michael. Here she's paired with the late soul great Lou Rawls. His voice is so deep that she can take the top and he can still be heard. He's never painted in the corner with all her riffs, runs and gospel wails. Lou can simply take the bottom and still be heard and with his great jazz timing make the most of what he's got. Well and Aretha, she's always the one and only Queen of Soul. She's going to do her no matter who she's singing with unless she really likes you (Smokey Robinson).

Detriot Soul Meets Chicago Soul

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