Monday, April 6, 2009

MORNING CUP OF SOUL - WHITNEY HOUSTON - It Hurts Like Hell & I Will Always Love You

In 1999 Whitney Houston in part of her world tour she performed in Poland. Whitney was pasted her vocal prime and it even shows in this performance. However, she gives a soulful performance and when she sings part of the Aretha Franklin stellar "It Hurts Like Hell" you really connect with her like you probably never have before. Whitney has never been known as a soul singer but when she sings "The pain, the pain, the pain", you feel her pain and can only imagine what she was going through (considering her now much public personal battles).

Whitney then goes on to perform her smash hit from the Body Guard soundtrack "I Will Always Love You" and it isn't near the original but like the wonderful talent she is, she delivers. I always say I love both version of this song: Dolly Parton's and Whitney Houston's. Dolly sings it as a love lost song and Whitney turns it into a power ballad filled with love. Here however, Whitney interprets as the lost love song that it is and that is beautiful.

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