Friday, April 17, 2009


This is not music related but it is something dear to me. Keeping Oprah off of No I can't physically keep Oprah off of twitter but this is to stop the impact of Oprah. Don't follow Oprah can be done. I will not follow Oprah! I don't want Oprah and her middle-aged, middle-class, middle of america people following me either!

This is not a fight against the middle because some of the middle is pretty damn awesome but not the ones that watch Oprah. If my mom joins twitter, I am blaming Oprah.

Things Oprah Ruin
1. Oprah ruined her theme song (She once tried to sing it).
2. Oprah ruined blackplanet (she once had the CEO on her show).
3. Oprah ruined the enjoyment of beef (She was sued but of course she won but still she ruined the enjoyment!)
4. Oprah ruined daytime tv (She's behind Dr. Phil and Rachel Ray)
5. Oprah ruined Beloved (A great book turned into a terrible movie)

Please feel free to add your things that Oprah has ruined. Don't let Oprah ruin twitter!


  1. Didn't she ruin Stedman too? I saw that man holding her dogs. A man shouldn't be holding them small ass dogs

  2. I will neverevernever follow Oprah & I have a million reasons why. Thank you for starting this. Don't have much time but will be back to participate if it's not too late. She rolls on & on (& on &...)AND SO SHOULD THIS MOVEMENT! betooreal on Twitter

  3. Never to late to not follow or unfollow Oprah. I look forward to your million reasons. To be honest I may not read all million but about