Saturday, April 11, 2009


I already have Melanie Fiona as a Spotlight Artist on TheFreshMusicPage but now I am officially calling her as the next "it" girl. I called Jazmine Sullivan two years ago and if my ear, eyes and gut feeling didn't fell me then. Well, it's time for me to be cocky and pop my collar Kanye West style and say that Melanie will be the same hot thing in R&B actually I'm going to go even farther because I think Jazmine still isn't getting the recognition she deserves, but Melanie Fiona will be even bigger!

As long as Melanie keep being herself, she will be the new 'shit' that everyone will be playing and talking about. I don't what more can I say but I'm diggin' her. She has the voice and I love that she's in touch with that old school Rhythm and Blues. She's already been on Carson Daley but that is just a drop in the bucket for her. She doesn't even have a album out just a song (Give it to Me Right) and she's already on late night tv. Melanie is the artist that I'm currently watching out for.


  1. Hotter than Jazmine Sullivan???? Seriously?

  2. Fresh, when does the music come out? She will do well, her voice is great, she's hot and will probably be marketed well.

  3. I just checked for that information and the most I know is sometime this year of 2009.

    The single "Give It To Me Right" can be found on Itunes and Amazon for download.

  4. @Anonymous: Jazmine been on the scene years before she was busting windows out of folks cars. LOL Don't jump on a bandwagon all late and be ready to fight and defend. Thanks Fresh, I'll be checkin this artist out

  5. urrbanizdgemini, you are so right! Peeps jumpin on the bandwagon late and actin like Jazmine is the next comin of Lauryn Hill.

    Anonymous, sit ya ass down!