Friday, May 1, 2009


Al B Sure! has a new album coming out on Hidden Beach Recordings the home of Jill Scott and Kindred The Family Soul.

I think it's odd that Al B Sure has a deal with Hidden Beach Recordings considering the type of music they put out (more Neo-Soul than straight R&B) but than again some will argue they find it odd that Al B Sure is coming out with a album period. We also have some like my girl/fellow blogger Ishea that finds it odd that Al B Sure has not handled that situation with his Uni-brow.

I've always liked Al B Sure especially "Night and Day" and "Secret Garden" with Barry White. You have to admit that was the shiznit! Actually from what I hear from the samples this might not be such a terrible CD and may be worth it to check it out.

The new album comes out June 23, 2009 and is titled "Honey I'm Home" Check out the samples yourself. Do you peep the Michael Jackson cover? (this can't end right!)

Find more music like this on The Hidden Beach Family

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