Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Beginning of The End? Michael Jackson Cancels Shows

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson has already canceled shows. A cancel show always happens but not usually before the tour even starts! The "This Is It" shows at the O2 Arena in London were originally scheduled for July 8, has been postponed until July 12, while other shows planned for that month have been rescheduled for March. The BBC said the shows had been delayed so Mr. Jackson could spend more time rehearsing. In an e-mail message the promoter of the concerts, AEG Live, told the BBC, “We wanted to ensure that all of Michael’s fans attending the concerts get the same quality in staging and level of entertainment.”

However, King Michael hasn't performed since 1995 and he's old. I love Michael and he is the greatest performer to ever walk this earth. Nobody can sing, dance or create music like he can but he's old. Age is a bitch and it can't be avoided. Singers, dancers, and athletes all experience diminished skills due to aging. Sometimes it's great to see a performer still have the same joy for what they do even past their prime but sometimes it's sad.

I'm predicting more cancel shows until the thought of Michael Jackson truly performing show after show is gone from our minds. His music will forever live but a live show possibly won't ever happen again.