Friday, May 22, 2009

Birthday Sex?

Due to my last post,I see I must tread a bit softer, lol . Anyways I wanted to take this opportunity to put an artist on blast. Jeremih. A lot of women cooed over his single birthday sex, and many men even walked around singing the intensely irritating bridge of 'girl you know i i i ,' but I have had the pleasure if being in the same studio with the man. He is horrible! Thank God for our technology that allows us to digitally remaster the voice , because he needed every bit of remastering, trust me. Now in order not to cause any issues with one of my own artists I won't disclose how I met him, but I will say this: Save your money ladies and gents.... it's not worth it. I know that I, I, I, refuse to listen to him. This shows how our music industry is plummeting. Young artists that have the singing skills of a deaf mute cat, getting breaks .I'm just helping the general public out here, to save themselves from a bad investment .... until next time I guess I'll leave you with my song of the week .... even though it sounds as if it belongs to Maxwell, it's Musiq Soulchild , SoBeautiful.


  1. This is not the first time I've heard this. I just thought someone was slightly hating on him but I'm guessing it may be truth to this. Cause I know you're not a hater.

    Damn...still big ups to my fellow Chicagoan..Too bad people think you sounds like Hot garbage! YIKES!

  2. lol yes yes yes, well as long as they fix it,big ups Bob! lol