Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jennifer Hudson lets Stevie Wonder Dress Her

Jennifer Hudson is my girl! She can blow the roof off a house with that amazingly powerful voice BUT who the hell let the dogs out? I knew when she was on American Idol that she was a big fashion no, no. I did think though with money and stylists, my girl would get better.

Unfortunatly for her and our eyes she hired the same stylist as Patti Labelle and Chaka Khan: STEVIE WONDER! YIKES!

Jennifer Hudson pants look like too tight MC Hammer pants or MC Hammer inspired pants with zippers put on by a blind man. It looks like she was working out and decided to come and perform therefore she put on high heels because she thought it dressed the outfit You know like when old people put "dress shoes" on with jeans...talking about they are dressing the jeans up. Can't be done granny and Jenny that can never be done!

1 comment:

  1. LOL That bad?

    It didn't bother me that much... Maybe because her face/hair made up for it?