Friday, May 8, 2009

Jeremih - Birthday Sex [Boy Trying Blow Up]

Fellow Chicagoan Jeremih or as a friend that attended High School calls him Jeremy (he swears Jeremih is his "stage name". I don't know because I don't know him personally from Bob down the street. Anyway I use to hear this song all the damn time on the radio and I'll be honest I use to just change the station.

Birthday Sex has already been a local hit here in Chicago and shit I've really just had way too much of my share of hearing it. However, I can't be mad that a local is about to get some shine. I also avoided because I thought it was possibly way too much auto tune until I recently found out his voice actually just sounds like that. Some weird shit but true story!

Jeremih is now signed to Def Jam and has a remix with Tearia Marie. I just hope he can follow it up with some good music. Hope he don't pull a disappearing act like my boy Dave Hollister. That makes me ask...Damn where is Dave Hollister?

Back to Jeremih/Jeremy from Morgan Park High School on the Southside of the Chi. Good Luck with that homie


  1. Check Out Ya Boy Jeremih, On Set Behind The Scenes At The Video Shoot For his New Hit Single Birthday Sex . Stay Tunes For The Official Video, Plus More Exclusives From Jeremih

  2. sorry but dude he sucks ass, I wouldn't say it if I didn't hear it myself ...