Wednesday, May 13, 2009

JHud Cover, JLO New Song and other randoms

That chick that dumped Diddy, married Marc Anthony and once was a superstar has a new single out. Remember when Jennifer Lopez ruled the world? That booty was everywhere, successful movies and music career. Now all I know her for is being pregnant. Well she's no longer pregnant and she's still married but now she has a new song out.

J.LO wants to know "What Is Love". It's ok nothing great, it's not really any better than the Paula Abdul song. Actually I think I like Paula's "I'm Just Here For The Music" much better.

In other news and much more relevant. J.Hud or as I call her J. Hood BKA Jennifer Hudson is appearing on Essence Magazine cover. She has big Chaka Khan hair, I'm diggin' it though. Jennifer will be talking about how she gets through the pain. The pain is of course referring to her family tradegy.

Miss California, Carrie Prejean gets to keep her crown. After voicing her support of traditional marriage and expressing her disagreement with gay marriage. She aslo posed for "exposing" pictures ala Vanessa L. Williams although not nearly as bad.

I'm happy that Donald Trump proved that it was better to be honest than to be Political Correct. Give me your honesty anyday.

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