Wednesday, May 20, 2009

MORNINIG CUP OF SOUL - Luther Vandross Tribute - Johnny Gill, El Debarge, Kenny Lattimore & Whitney Houston

They rarely do these anymore where everyone does a tribute to one artist with a medley of their songs and before you know it you have all of the top singers on the same stage. Sometimes it becomes a competition and somebody ends up looking stupid for trying to go up against a more powerful singer. However, this is always my favorite. Male singers are usually much cooler than putting a couple of female soul diva's on the stage.

Although you do have Mr. Johnny Gill which is really a soul shouter and two underpowered guys in El Debarge & Kenny Lattimore. I noticed when Whitney Houston comes out at the very end, Johnny tries but Whitney doesn't pay him much attention.

My favorite part is having Mr. Never hit a bad note, Luther Vandross enjoying it all. Rest In Peace Luther.

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