Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yes the entire album download for only $2.99! Now I have always been honest, I think Chrisette is overrated and it seems that she sometimes sing off key live. However, who can turn down a music deal such as $2.99? Not me especially not since she does make real music even though it doesn't move me.

I'm sure all you Fresh Music listeners will appreciate a deal. So, show a real artist some love and hell come on $2.99! What can you get for $2.99? Stimulus package indeed!

I'm going to make it easier here is the direct link because you do have to search for it. At first all I saw was a album for $8.99 and yes that is still decent but I don't like her $8.99 worth only $2.99 worth.

The album is now $8.99 again. Damn, now you missed the deal. That's why you need to be checking The Fresh Music Page so you won't be missing music news. Seeeeeeeee.

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