Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Sh*t I don't Understand: Ray J & Tila, Cassie and rapper/actor Drake [NSFW]

First let me start off with I don't understand why people are making a big deal out of Drake in Chicago. Although I did notice that it is mostly females so ladies is he considered attractive? All I know is he raps and he use to be a actor that played a retarded athlete...or some shit like that. Now this could be my fault for having friends that does Promo work but Chicago sit ya'll asses down. Tupac is not back from the dead and coming to town. He played a retarded athlete and he has your silly asses looking retarded.

Cassie is really trying her hardest to keep some type of spotlight in her face. The shit really isn't working and is just making her look desperate! Although I must say Cassie has very nice perky breast and I did notice the piercings. Alrighty.....can we say freak? I think Diddy is enjoying himself. Yessssssssssssssir!

Supposedly Ray J and Tila Tequila is now an official couple. Damn, that was fast! What happen to ol' girl Cocktail from "For The Love of Ray J". Seeeeeeeeeeeeee he should have picked Danger so we could see blood.


  1. First off, stop hating on Drake! He's a talented actor and rapper. I did know who he was years ago when he was on Degrassi as Jimmy Brooks, a basketball star that became paralyzed after a high school shooting. It's a good show and though I don't want anymore it's basically like Saved by the Bell in Canada.

    In terms of Cassie, she's a gorgeous girl (still wish she didn't shave her head and try to be edgy...stick to pretty) but seriously, what else can your boobs be BUT perky when they're that small? Maybe I'm jealous because I'm a 36DD and getting a nipple ring would be all kinds of wrong for me. lol...

    Ray J and Tila may just actually turn out to be a cook couple. I mean, sexually I'm sure they'll be a match...I just hope they don't try and collaborate on a song. lol...

  2. *watch

    Too many typos for me. lol...

  3. Not hating just tired of hearing about him. *starts singing* "Don't take it personal baby!"

    I don't know I think you could pull of the nipple ring. Might be all kinds of sexy!

    If Ray J and Tila does a song together...I won't kill myself but I will kill jk

  4. For the record, anyone with boobs that are more than a handful should leave the nipple rings alone!!! Seriously, they aren't cute on boobs that massive!

  5. Damn Cassie can get that thang!