Sunday, May 10, 2009

SPOTLIGHT - Wess Morgan

I originally wrote about Pastor Wess Morgan on When I switched domain names and hosting I was unable to transfer everything. I will not re-post everything but I must repost this.

Wess Morgan is so very talented and his voice too soulful for one to ignore. Here is what I originally wrote:
Posted By Webmaster (The Fresh Man aka ME)

"Wess Morgan doesn't look like your prototype gospel singer.
However, he sounds as if he was born and raised in the black
Possibly the Justin Timberlake/Michael McDonald/Robin Thicke of
Gospel music.
Actually the only thing he has in common with those three artists are the he's white.
Pastor Morgan is way more soulful and in touch with his sound.
He's not a white guy trying to sing soul but a guy that is bearing his soul. Check out his website."

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