Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Unfollow Diddy Twitter Movement

As Diddy was approaching his millionth twitter followers a movement was beginning to take place on twitter. It was the #unfollowdiddy movement and it swept through twitter like hurricane Katrina! It was all started by @FoxxFiles and as soon as Diddy reached a million with a blink of an eye he was under a million again. Eventually Diddy or as he is known on twitter @iamdiddy regain his status as a person with a million followers but the damage was already done.

Diddy eventually lashed out with a couple of crazy tweets. First he called the people that unfollowed him and gave reasons why you should too name’s. He called them haters said their breath stank and they were liars. It went from a very funny joke on a celebrity into a celebrity having a mini break down for all eyes to see.

Like the asshole I am, I had to participate in the #unfollowdiddy movement. Here are my reasons: I was bored it was after midnight central time and most of all it was funny as hell! Most of the reasons why to #unfollowdiddy were based on the truth.

Sample of unfollowdiddy:

@afreshmusic: #unfollowdiddy because Diddy loves you like he love Kim Porter

@Kacizzle88: #unfollowdiddy CUZ He's always repping Howard University when he's never even graduated

@DirtyRed38: #unfollowdiddy cuz day26 be crying on tv

@TheRealAaronJ: #unfollowdiddy because 112 isn't just their name its their account balance

@StaceySterling: #unfollowdiddy because J.LO unfollowed him in real life.

Uncredited: #unfollowdiddy because he screwed up Carl Thomas career

#unfollowdiddy because Mario Winans could actually have a career.

#unfollowdiddy because Danity Kane should still be a group

#unfollowdiddy because he made Cassie shave her hair instead of D. Woods her Mustache.

*UPDATE* Remember it was I who started the Say No To Oprah Campaign which did not catch on at all. I guess since Diddy is a jerk it made it easier.


  1. Diddy/puffy/puff daddy/ugly face is a idiot anyway! I would not follow him if he accidently walked in front of me.

  2. Y'all Twitter cats too mad.

    Sign the official U Mad petition here:



  3. @_SNC #unfollowdiddy 'cause Carl Thomas wishes he never met alllllll

    ^^ That one had me dyingggggggggg!!!

  4. I think Diddy was the mad one. Boy had a breakdown on

    I say you try to get diddy to sign the petition.LOL

  5. I love how Twitter brings 'celebrities' closer... :-D

  6. Yes twitter is a very special place! lol

  7. that #unfollowdiddy was the biggest example of hating I've ever seen in my life. you all who participated should be ashamed of yourselves.

  8. ^This is possibly the biggest example of riding a celebrity's dick that doesn't give two cents about you.

    People sometimes mix up haters with people that actually hate a person. Diddy is possibly one of the most annoying entertainers on twitter!