Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - Slique R&G (Rhythm and Ghetto Soul)

Every now and then I listen to the radio while in the beautiful thing *sarcasm* that is Chicago traffic. I've been hearing this song and this voice that sounds so familiar. "Your Body" is the song and both I've never heard before but it sounds so much like Classic Kells (R. Kelly). However, it's by a fellow Chicagoan 'Slique'.

released his album R&G (Rhythm And Ghetto Soul) on June 2, 2009. Slique is signed to RoseHip records which was founded by legendary music man George Daniels who of course is known as the one time mentor of R. Kelly.

Let me make this clear Slique is no R. Kelly wannabe or the poor mans R. Kelly. Slique is an artist that stands on his own. With songs like "Sensitive Side of A Thug" he shows his personaility and ability as a singer and writer.

An Interview with Slique from Rosehip Records on Vimeo.

Slique is a singer, songwriter and producer. He is blessed with a smooth tenor like a modern day soul singer (think Musiq). His use of his voice is much more like a classic soul man (think Freddie Jackson). Prefering to sing in his natural voice instead of the ever so popular falsetto. That brings a refreshing feel and it also shows he's comfortable with his voice. He's not force into proving he has vocal chops by doing a million riffs and runs or singing in falsetto to cover his imperfections.

The album R&G (Rhythm and Ghetto Soul) is avaliable at Walmart stores as well as Support him and keep real soul music alive!

Listen to Slique "Your Body" and tell me what you think.

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