Monday, June 29, 2009

BET Awards 2009 The Pre-Show

The Pre-Show

Hurricane Kris
opens the 106th and Park pre-show
with none other than his single "Halle Berry." He seemingly rocked the crowd, although I don't care too much for the song, its kinda catchy. He did a great job to making babyboy Michael Jackson proud, as one of the hosts, Rocsi says. For those that are a wee bit slow, that was sarcasm. Well on my part at least. On a lighter note, Terrance and Rocsi presented the 'Viewers Choice' nominees with their own spoofs of the artists videos. For future references, Rocsi makes a way better Rihanna than Rihanna, and Terrace is a better Lil' Wayne too. Simply genius I must say it was hilarious. Unknown artist, darell or Dorrough, whoever the hell he is , performed his single 'Walk that Walk'. It was quite painful seeing how the crowd seemed about as clueless as I was. I'm hoping he was just an extra in case someone did'nt show up. Tocarra was there looking and sounding hot. She was sucking in more air than a fish outta' water. She still fabulous though, heavy breathing and all. Kid Cudi hit the stage looking every bit of a 'lonely stoner', ole' boy looked like a straight L.A.M.E. I guess if thats the look, but thats still my song. He looked a bit lonely on stage by himself, but had the crowd moving so thats all that counts. Cool dude too, he seemed very humbled and happy to be there. Tocarra was wonderful on the red carpet, the highlight of the evening is when she put Estelle (foreign singer) on blast about her gold braces. Its about damn time she fixing them choppers! The New Boys enlighted the crowd with hit single, "You're a Jerk". Nice younger group, hella hyper though. reminds me of my little brothers, they were bouncing around and jerking everywhere. Somebody needs to prescribe them some damn Ritalin! Ms.Keri Baby, mLde an appearance , and so did her poodle hair and star spangled vomit dress. Hot mess I tell you. Letoya Luckett, my fave destiny's child, performed and had twin dancers/back-up singers. Weird but I enjoyed her the most of all performersd. She looked hot it the yellow print mini dress. Go girl! Funny man Arsenio Hall made great comments on the late great MJ. And Ne-Yo shows up with his creepy girlfriend. She had a bad case of the too high shoes, and nodded her head while dipping to the side, very odd behavior that makes me think she's an actress. Either that or she has Tourettes syndrome, but hey whatever floats his boat. Pleasure P performed my ish, Boyfriend #2, with some talent-less dancers but hey he cant dance either. Boss lady, Deborah Lee, looked stunning. She's nice and polite, i like her. Mario, Tyrese and Ginuwine hit the stage. Mario looked like a damned fool with his bald head. Blame it on the Goose! Jerimah performed for the first time on television. I must say he did good, and as much as i wanted to hate it I couldn't. I don't know where the hell they found his dancers at though. SMH. My girl Monica came too, looking ghetto. She looked every bit of the Englewood version of Cruella Devil. i love her though. Marlan Waynes was ther as well looking handsom and not goofy. Day26 won best group, and they along with Diddy performed. Diddy erks my damn nerves! Anyways the pre-show performers sucked excluding Day26 and Letoya.

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