Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Make Love Keri Hilson (review)

Ms. Sada-baby, here to give you another insightful review. Although this artist actually turned me off after she bitched out of her diss, I love this song. The melody is nice and soft. Don't get me wrong she still sounds as if she's trying to convince me that she can sing. Ms. Keri has impressed me , but I wished she used some of that lost "Energy" and told the damn truth, we know she was talking about Beyonce old ass. The song is great though, RnB is not dead and this gives me hope for female artist. Well this is a song that I like so much that I set it as my MySpace song, lol. Ladies and gents I present to you Make Love by Keri 'Ms.Keri-baby' Hilson. Enjoy and keep it fresh bitches ........