Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[NEW] The Game feat. Chris Brown, Boyz II Men, Diddy [VIDEO]

Here is the video for the Michael Jackson tribute "Better On The Other Side". I just want to know why is The Game in the bath tub with a bottle of 1800 or something? I'm diggin' the tribute though. Finally someone let Chris Brown on something to pay tribute to Mike because BET sure in hell didn't.

1 comment:

  1. wtf The game creepy weird ass, why was he in the damn tub .... and the point of hearing Diddy say all of nothing was.....? and Polo the DOn or whoever, shame on it shoulda shut ya ass up, smh, this song sucked ass but the message was nice and at least The Game tried, glad to see Chris though that boy actually made me continue with the video, nice hook ........ I mean damn seems to me like somebody needs to really step up and do a better tribute, somebody with some damn money, and not BET. We don't wanna relive that nightmare!