Wednesday, June 24, 2009

[NEW] Monica - Taxi [LISTEN]

From 1995-1999 Monica ruled the charts both Pop and R&B. It's so hard not to mention Brandy when you mention Monica or even the other way around because it was their duet together "The Boy Is Mine" that put them above the rest. It was a #1 on both the R&B and Pop charts. Monica would rack up nine Top 10 Pop hits and five #1 R&B hits. Her first album "Miss Thang" produced 3 consecutive #1 R&B hits.

Monica however hasn't been able to completely continue her success from Teen sensation to adulthood. In 2003 Monica found herself back on the top of the charts but it didn't last. "So Gone" reached #10 Pop and #1 R&B and it would be her last time appearing at the top.

Looks like Monica isn't giving up. She's back with this leaked single "Taxi" and I like it! It's not #1 worthy but it's something to test the waters. Personally I would like to see her go back to the sound that made her famous. Of course, an updated version of that sound. When she was younger she had a much more classier sound.

So call her a "Taxi" damnit!

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  1. She is a work of art, and that photo is stunning. The colors are top notch from an artist's perspective.