Thursday, June 11, 2009

Syleena Johnson - Be Me [LISTEN!]

Syleena Johnson independently released her fourth studio album "Chapter 4: Labor Pains" December 23, 2009. That's a major step and unfortunately or fortunately more established artists are taking this step.

I love Syleena's voice she has a soulful voice and her music has always stayed real. Meaningful lyrics with that powerful voice. It was always refreshing to hear Syleena because her voice alone would take me to another place. Unfortunately when I heard the single "Maury Povich" I had to come down on my fellow Chicagoan Syleena in my Feburary 19, 2009 post. I stand by my views of the song "Maury Povich"...."it is a terrible representation of her talent."

However, that does not mean that her album was pure garbage like the song "Maury Povich". One listen to the song "Be Me" and I was hooked. It was like I found a treasure of soul. "Be Me" is meaningful, truthful, and the vocals laid down is true Syleena. It's what modern R&B/Soul should be. She's very personal on the song singing "how can I teach my son to be a leader if i'm always following?", "I just want to be me". She even sings about starting her own record label because she didn't want to compromise her beliefs to sell some records. This is deep, this is personal, OMG (Oh My God!) people this is SOUL!

I'm Diggin' It! LISTEN! Syleena Johnson - Be Me

Be Me - Syleena Johnson


  1. This is one of the most beautiful songs on Chapter 4: Labor Pains and one of my favorites. I commend Syleena Johnson for doing her music on her own and I support artists who do that. This is the direction every artist should go in because the major labels are raping artists.

    I love the whole CD and the title track "Labor Pains" speaks to me as well.

  2. I'm not going to say every artist should go this route because than you're only exposed to a smaller audience. I love the music that is made by independent labels but the promotion is no where near the level of a major.