Monday, June 8, 2009

Updates of Black Hollyweird - Kanye, Kelly Rowland, I Am Not A Monster Tour [MORE]


Kanye is writing a book "Thank you, You're welcome" but he states he doesn't read and he's proud of that. Even though the asshole mother was an English Professor at Chicago State University and he's actually promoting a book!

I just want to say Kanye, you're an idiot. Too many black children in the 'hood already think that reading is uncool. You are not helping the fight to eliminate illiterate people when you are proud of the fact that you don't read! Please go sit in the corner.
Kelly Rowland fired Mathew "Beyonce daddy" Knowles and has finally hired a new manger. The choosen one to save what is left of her career is.....Jeff Rabhan. WHO? Well he also manages Jermaine Dupri and Kelis. Not sure if that is so much of an upgrade but considering I'm not sure what either of those people have done. Maybe, she will get married or date someone more famous than her and divorce them? Jermaine Dupri dates Janet Jackson and Kelis is divorcing rapper Nas. It may get her the cover of another hair magazine? Maybe not...

Speaking of Kelis and Nas. The word on the street aka the blog pages is that Kelis and Nas had an Ike and Tina Turner relationship. For the kiddies that happen to read this blog, that would be a Chris Brown and Rihanna type relationship. This is not confirmed but I thought it was interesting.

Chris Brown has continued his "I Am Not A Monster" tour. Hitting up clubs and red carpet events.
T-Pain has a "Big Ass Chain" that says: "Big Ass Chain". How cool is he? *sarcasm* According to T-Pain, The chain is 10lbs, 197 karats and cost $410,000. (This is why Jay Z killed Auto Tune!)

By the way I've never been a huge rap fan but I am a fan of Jay Z's newest single "DOA (Death of Auto-Tune). That is hot and if he can really kill it, I will buy his album. I mean if he can really stop everyone from using auto-tune I will buy his album. That will mark only my 3rd rap album (CD) that I have ever bought.


  1. No hate. I love Hov, but this is so so. He kinda says it himself in the song. He put it out just to stay relevant I guess. To tell you the truth, he keeps trying to recreate The Blueprint & Reasonable Doubt success and edginess, but I honestly like his growth. Stick to that grown man hip hop like Kingdom Come and American Gangster - but I suppose it doesn't sell as well. Hopefully Blueprint 3 will have some classics.

  2. Because I am not a Rap Connoisseur, I shall *nod my head and smile*. As it is now known to the world that I have only bought two rap/hip-hop albums (and I still call CD's albums).

    However, all artists must stay relevant in some form. I'm just happy he decided to kill auto-tune instead of using auto-tune.

    Jay-Z using Auto-Tune would be like Frank Sinatra singing Disco.