Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I won't do a play by play of the King of Pop/Greatest Entertainer Ever, Michael Jackson Memorial because I'm sure most people saw it and there wasn't not one negative thing in the entire Memorial. It was fit for a King because Michael was a King.

*MOST TOUCHING* Michael Jackson daughter Paris Katherine Jackson speaking about how her father was the greatest anyone could ever have. She broke down into tears and everyone else cried with her.

*Most Touching Performance* - Jermaine Jackson - Smile. It was an amazing that Jermaine was strong enough to sing at his brothers Memorial. I was very surprise that he sang but more surprise at the near identical Timbre he has with his late brother Michael.

Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Mariah Carey (featuring Trey Lorenz) and Stevie Wonder also performing. Usher was classy, a very pregnant Jennifer Hudosn voice reached to the heights of the sky, Mariah soulful and Stevie was truly moving.

Berry Gordy, Smokey Robinson, Brooke Shields, Marlon Jackson, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Jermaine Jackson, Congresswoman Shelia Jackson-Lee all spoke. However it was Rev. Al Sharpton that said it best when he spoke to Michael Jackson children: "Your Daddy wasn't strange but it was strange what he had to go through".

Jennifer Hudson - Will YOU BE THERE

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