Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's On My Playlist - Where Old, New, R&B/Soul meets Opera [Listen]

My love for music is strong. I listen to anything that makes my ears happy. I've been listening to a lot of different music, that has nothing in common but me as a fan. So hear is my TOP SIX.

Anthony Hamilton - "Point of It All" - Finally he shaved! That is reason enough for people to wake up. Listen to this man, he has soul! Truly a modern soul man.

Toni Braxton - "Pulse" - This is a leaked ballad from the 90's Diva. I'm diggin' this!

Little Anthony & The Imperials - "Going Out of My Head" - This is straight old school soul. You know you got a bad ass song when Luther Vandross does a version and the original is still better.

Joe - "Friends Don't Let Friends" - This new one by Joe, I can't seem to stop playing. I agree with Joe though: "Friends don't let friends sleep alone" *winks at all my female friends*. Seriously though Joe just released his new album and I recommend it for all the lovers.

Donnie McClurkin feat. Karen Clark-Sheard - "Wait On The Lord" - Saw Donnie & Karen perform this at the Chicago Gospel Festival and fell in love with this song. One word: POWERFUL!

Kathleen Battle - "Going Home" - Kathleen Battle has the most beautiful soprano in Opera possibly ever. Famous for her light silvery tone. Ms. Battle interprets a song like no one else. The passion and oh my damn that voice!

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