Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kanye West and his Crackhead Moves at the VMA'S

Ok breaking news!!! Kanye is ignorant! Oh wait that is not breaking news because we already knew this. At the VMA’s (Video Music Awards) Kanye West jumps on stage while Taylor Swift is giving her acceptance speech. Kanye disrespects Taylor Swift and goes on a rant on how Beyonce deserved the award.

Will someone tell Kanye that the VMA’s is not a democracy? Nobody cares what you think because you are not a voter and Kanye I hate to break it to you but you are also not of any importance.

When I saw Kanye jump on the stage, I thought to myself “CRACKHEAD!” Kanye West is making those Frankie and Neffe type moves. Anyone that approves of Kanye actions at the Video Music Awards has to be just as ignorant as he is. There is a time and place to voice your opinions. Jumping on stage and disrespecting another artist because things didn’t go your way is not the way.

Kudos to Beyonce for being very classy when she accepted the award for video of the year, bringing up Taylor Swift so she could finish her acceptance speech was extremely classy. I still don’t like your music Beyonce but you showed pure class and I’m diggin’ that.

By the way Kanye West was asked to leave the award show. He apologized and blamed it on being drunk....


  1. Who actually let him walk up in that place with a bottle of Henney? Those top level execs must be blind to the effects Henney has on black men! lol...

  2. This grown ass man (Kanye) needs to be even more ashamed that he can't hold his liquor. However due to other outburst on live television we know that it wasn't really the alcohol but just his arrogance, ignorance and lack of responsibility and respect for other people.

    He truly needs his ass beat for that one. Making little girls cry.

  3. did some racist republican write this, because i think your dumb and just as ignorant

  4. sick of the racegameSeptember 15, 2009 at 9:59 PM

    @ Anonymous,you are the racist. cant you just respect that we think kanye west,and any any of his "gangsta" music genre is talentless????much less stupid and ignorant.tolerance: my friend isnt licking the scrotum of every "unwhite" male even though you may want to. For the sake of humankind,and lack of a better term, get yo head out yo ass

  5. @Anonymous

    This is not a black or white issue! This is a right or wrong issue and it was WRONG!

    For the record I am not white.