Saturday, September 19, 2009

Songs That Make You Cry

Usually a song that makes you cry is a song you identify with. If you’re crying to a Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Not Going to Cry” you are possibly going through the exact same relationship/breakup. It might not be 11 years but you sure as hell pissed about the amount of time you put into that relationship. Maybe you have Anthony Hamilton’s “Charlene” on and your girlfriend Janet just left you. You know you just lost the “ONE” and you like damn Janet come back. Gone head brotha shed that tear. If you like me you might need to dig a little deeper into the music bin. Grab out some Aretha Franklin or Bobby Womack. Those songs are about true human emotions that everyone has or will experience. Everyone has loved and lost (I feel like I’m Al Green) but it’s true!

However, there are some songs that just are sad. You might not have experienced it in your life before but either the details of the song or the singer interpreting evokes emotion into it that they make you understand. You may have never been “In Love With Another Man” (or woman) like Jazmine Sullivan but it’s something she does to that song that makes you feel her pain.

Now I’m going to go into that bin that I talked about and pull out “The Beginning of My End” by The Unifics.

The song is about an argument gone wrong. I never experienced it but it’s one that gets me (I may even shed one tear). What song makes you cry or want to cry?

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