Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where the hell is Chris Brown PR people? This young man talks like an idiot.

As I watched the Larry King interview with Chris Brown, his mother and his attorney Mark Geragos. I thought how sad, not just sad about the situation that brought Chris Brown to this point but how sad it is to see this young kid with no education.

Singer and very talented dancer he is but educated he is not. This is not uncommon because you see many entertainers that couldn’t hold a proper conversation. All they know how to do is entertain with a smile. All that is missing his white gloves and painted white face: smile and nod for masta’.

Larry King asked Chris Brown about his apology video: “How much input did your lawyer have in that video?” Chris Brown answers with his head almost buried in his ugly blue bow tie: “It came from my heart but I had help with the words”. Wait a minute Chris, you didn’t say anything that a dictionary or thesaurus couldn’t have helped you with. Why would you need help with the words? Actually Chris you used all very simple words that wouldn’t even require the use of a dictionary.

When Larry King asked Chris mother: “Do you think that being in the house where it was domestic violence had anything to do with his behavior”. We soon learned that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the idiotic tree. She answered: “No, I don’t think people that witness abuse will abuse.” Really, you don’t think it had anything to do with it? He ‘heard’ you getting your ass beat constantly as a child. You don’t think that Chris Brown picked up any bad habits as a child?
I just want to know where Chris Brown’s PR people are. I also would like to know who forgot to send this young man to school and what happen to finishing school for these young entertainers. They need someone to teach them the correct things to say and how to behave.

Can we now have commercials that say: “STAY IN SCHOOL, FAME IS WACK”?

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