Thursday, October 1, 2009

Does TONEX being GAY Change the Meaning of his MUSIC?

Six-time Stellar Award winner, Gospel music star, Tonex says he’s gay. Not that he was gay but he currently identifies himself as a homosexual male. Tonex likes other men. I don’t think there is any more ways I can break it down without being rude/not politically correct.
It took me some time to decide if I would post anything about this because I hate talking about things that does not directly deal with music. Sometimes I do and it works out (Chris Brown & Rihanna Pics) and sometimes I do and it doesn’t work out (like when I wrongly reported Kanye stated he was the new King of Pop..Oops!).

In this case I do believe that Tonex coming out of the closet has to do with music. I still don’t know how I feel about a Gospel artist being openly gay. When I think of the duty of a singer or any type of performer period, I think of a person conveying a message. For me personally I can’t listen to someone sing about something they have never been through. That’s like Cece Winans trying to sing about the rough streets of Chicago. She’s never experienced the streets of Chicago therefore she cannot convey a message. Therefore can a Gospel artist sing about the love, power and grace of God and be gay?

I know yes we all sin and I’m sure Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary and the entire Mississippi Mass Choir all sin daily but they are not promoting sin. Tonex, by saying that he is gay and he believes that nobody should care who he is sleeping with as long as he’s practicing safe sex, sounds like he is saying that homosexuality is ok with God as long as they are committed to each other.
Back to the music…Does the meaning of the lyrics change now that you know that Tonex is gay. In the song “Make Me Over”. He sings to God, pleading to the Lord on High to make me him over. “Time after time I failed you, pierced your side when they already nailed you.” He goes on to sing “Father I let you down”. Now in my mind, now that I know he is gay, in the back of my head it says that the messenger is a liar. He doesn’t want to be made over and this praise isn’t real but a mockery of praise. Nevertheless, this is a constant argument with me, in my head of course. Tonex could be pleading to the Lord to really make him over. Maybe at this point in his life, he knew the sin he was committing was wrong. Maybe he was truly asking God to “Make Him Over”.

Now if you accept all the music that he recorded in the past, do you also accept his future music? Do you accept his music as a homosexual (possibly bisexual) male singing about God? While he is singing about the power God has to take away sin, he is promoting the sin? Can you talk about the power of God when you don't believe in the power of God?

Tell me Fresh People, how do you feel?

Here is the Video. He talks about being homosexual starting at the 5 minute mark.


  1. I don't think I will continue to listen to his music. I just dont feel right. It just seems wrong. I think we should all pray for him. He needs our prayers.

  2. people still listen to bebe winans and he went chris brown on his ex wife. i dont have a problem with tonex. i will still listen to and buy his music. new or old i dont really care.

  3. I disagree with your post. I will still listen to Tonex's music as I see him as one of the most musically talented artists in the music industry today. His sexuality does not matter to me, as there are many other gay musicians out there in the gospel genre and R&B genre that hide their sexuality from the public. Does this make them any more right or listenable to you?

  4. What exactly do you disagree with? My post was really about asking a question. Never did I come to a conclusion.

  5. I won't listen to his music. He's leading people astray, saying that god doesn't mind you being gay as long as you're monogamous. I DO NOT LIKE THIS HOMOSEXUAL.

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