Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Fresh Music Page Hall of Fame - Spotlight Airto

As I was thinking about redesigning the blog, I thought about changing the header and instead of those artists putting pictures of myself there. However, after a visit to the old website, I remembered why those artists are up there. Yes there is a reason why Airto, Jazmine Sullivan, Whitney Houston & Jennifer Hudson embracing, Lana McKissack, Jessica Johnson, and Dulce Maria Gonzalez are up there. That is thefreshmusicpage version of the Apollo’s hall of fame. These are the singers that were first featured early in 2007 with exception of Jennifer Hudson and Whitney Houston.

Today I decided to go back in time and focus on Airto. He’s pictured first in the header. This is what I wrote in 2007:
Airto, This 22 year old from the Netherlands is proof that Soul knows no color, age or country. Airto is the hottest unsigned R&B artist out there. He’s a writer, singer and also plays the piano. He’s at his best when it’s just him and his piano. Check out songs on his myspace, the self penned “Home” and “True Friends”. His voice is smooth yet rough in all the right places, just like a true soul singer. He can convey what he is feeling without screaming. Within time he could develop into the worlds next Marvin Gaye.

Airto on his sound “I'm floating in between Soul and R&B.
I love the true sound of music. No over polished studio voices, I want to hear the rawness. Nowadays it's all about pitch correcting and about the image an artist has... I never had any musical training so I luckily I still feel raw and unpolished.”

You defiantly hear the rawness in this young man’s voice. From the smooth tenor that’s reminisces of Donny Hathaway to that high falsetto that will throw you back in time to Smokey Robinson. He has one of those rare voices that could make bad material sound good and yes it is one of those voices that you would be happy just to hear him sing the phone book. Big things are in store for Airto!
*UPDATE* Airto today is still creating music and STILL unsigned. I don't know what's wrong with record executives but this man is extremely talented. It is my hope that somebody out there contact Airto about a music deal very soon. Check out his official myspace for more information and music.

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