Thursday, October 22, 2009

How Google's OneBox Could Kill The Music Blog

If tv killed the radio star, google’s “OneBox” service is going to kill the music blog. According to USA Today:
"Radio has lost its mojo" for promoting songs, says Phil Leigh, president of market research firm Inside Digital Media. "When new releases come out, people do a Google search."
But that's been a frustrating experience for some fans — and for record companies, which have been lobbying the No. 1 search company to change the way results are displayed when people want to track a favorite performer or song.

The current arrangement just offers links to other destinations and often features a grab bag of fan sites, without a clear way to find the music itself.
Under the new system, the No. 1 search company will put at the top of its own page a box with information, photos and, possibly, song lyrics. People can buy songs from Lala or jump to Amazon or iTunes."
Where does this breakthrough service leave the music blog? If you’re a music blogger, you know that a considerable amount of traffic comes from people wanting to hear a song. However, with Google’s new service “OneBox” it will allow people to bypass your blog. Of course it’s not the death of the music blog because some people still enjoy the content of a blog but it will create a sizable dent in traffic.

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