Saturday, October 17, 2009

MAKE LOVE - Top Old School List [Female Edition]

Every music lover has their lists of top music for every situation. This is my Top for the most special thing two people can do...ok one of the most special things. Give in to each other. I notice that my list included all men therefore I did 5 men and 5 women singers.

It was very hard getting a list of women artists. Most of them are too busy singing about heart break, demanding respect and dogging out the other woman. There were however endless songs from the men talking about what they want to do to their woman and how they going to do it. I guess men really do think about sex more than women. I know they sing about it more than women.
Going with the Ladies First Approach:
1. Jean Carne - Closer Than Close
2. Gladys Knight - The Makings of You

3. Barbra Mason - Yes I'm Ready

4. Ike & Tina Turner - I've Been Loving You Too Long
5. Betty Wright - Thank You For The Many Things You Done.

"Closer Than Close" is a great soul ballad from a terrific underrate vocalist Jean Carne. Listen to the Saxophone and I'm sure Jazz fans will realize that's Grover Washington Jr. Every man wants to hear the words "hold me closer".

"The Makings of You" is a remake of Curtis Mayfield. Gladys is at her best describing the sensual ingredients of her love. Her smooth alto dips low and rises high...she couldn't be any more sexier on this record. All is missing is your lover and you.

"Yes I'm Ready" is a true ballad with the string section opening the song. The background sings "Are you ready?" Only for Barbra Mason to to croon in a very sexy yet innocent "Yes I'm Ready". She's ready to love and that's all guys need to know ladies.

"I've Been Loving You Too Long" is credited as Ike & Tina Turner but the vocals and soul belong all to Tina. Although Ike plays the hell out of that guitar, Tina still puts in the work. It is often said that Ike made her sing in this sexy rough way and she really didn't want to sing this way. You'll never believe that anyone forced her to sing this way. Sounds like she wants it to me. Tina sings with conviction that she doesn't want to stop loving you now. This is complete with heavy breathing.

"Thank You For The Many Things You Done", Ladies take notes from Betty Wright. Compliment your man like this and you're guaranteed a night to remember. Men love compliments just as much as you do. Saying "Thank You" and "I Love You" can take you a long way.

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