Sunday, October 18, 2009

MAKE LOVE - Top Old School List [Male Edition

Every music lover has their lists of top music for every situation. This is my Top for the most special thing two people can do...ok one of the most special things. Give in to each other. I notice that my list included all men therefore I did 5 men and 5 women singers.

Today is about the Men. The sensual R&B/Soul singers and their classic songs. As I said yesterday their were endless songs from men that were perfect for making love. That is what made it difficult and of course me being me, the real popular songs are missing. Marvin Gaye "Sexual Healing", and The O'Jays "Let Me Make Love To You" is not on this list. However, a Marvin Gay track is included and in my opinion it is even better than "Sexual Healing"


1. Curtis Mayfield - Baby It's You
2. The Isley Brothers - Don't Say Good Night
3. Marvin Gaye - Distant Lover
4. Barry White - I've Found Someone
5. Smokey Robinson - Baby Come Close

Curtis Mayfield - "Baby It's You" is smooth and the lyrics powerful. The arrangement simple with his signature guitar and powerful horns coming in on the perfect timing. "just like my face upon your breast, floats me above the world, I must confess, baby it's you"

The Isley Brothers - Don't Say Good Night is perfect for Love Making because lead singer Ron Isley pleads with his lover to not say Good Night. He just wants to love her "over and over again". I'm sure both men and women can appreciate a lover that has that type of staying power. By the way The Isley Brothers are the masters of love making music.

Marvin Gaye - Distant Lover, I told you that Marvin would be on the list. I would recommend the studio version although the Live version is powerful. However, I would think most couples would prefer to be more intimate and not have it seem like you're having sex in front of thousands of people. Then again you and your lover might enjoy that type of thing *shrugs* Who am I to judge? (freaks!). On "Distant Lover" Marvin is everything he can be. Smooth, sensual, powerful and flawless vocals. Maxwell is hot garbage compared to this crooner of love!

Barry White - I've Found Someone, No woman can resist Barry White. It's the deep voice fella's, so take a que from Barry White and deepen your voice and whisper in your woman's ear. Women love deep speaking voices. The Isley Brothers might be the Kings of love making music but Barry White is of course the Maestro of Love. His arrangements are made for just that, Love Making. Barry White shows off your over the top love making. He has a full orchestra just to tell his woman how much she means to him. This is serious music!

Smokey Robinson - Baby Come Close, You got to have Smokey! Yeah, women love the deep voices but women also love the sensitive side. Smokey shows your sensitive side. I'm not saying cry but be gentle with the lady. Be sensitive to her needs. Let her as Smokey croons "Put your trust in me".

*WARNING* These songs are not for bust downs, baby mama's, dip offs, booty calls, stretchers, prostitutes or anything else that does not have to do with LOVE. *WARNING*

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