Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mekia Cox - Lead Female Dancer in "This Is It"

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When I finally got home from a long Tuesday night after seeing Michael Jackson's This Is It movie, I thought about the amazingly talented people he surrounded himself with. A few people stood out in the movie besides Michael of course.

One is Mekia Cox and she was the lead female dancer. She played Michael Jackson's love interest in "The Way You Make Me Feel" basically she was the lady to walk across the stage. Oh and could she walk but not only could she walk but dance too. Mekia could easily dance with any of the top dancing stars of todays. Most of all, Mekia was hand picked by the King himself.

So after some digging I found her official website and a little information on this drop dead gorgeous dancer.

Mekia Cox can currently be seen on the new 90210 where she plays DJ Sasha. Mekia is from the U.S Virgin Islands and moved to Orlando, FL when she was seven. She holds a Bachelors of Music from Florida State University (2003).

Mekia is a jack of all trades: Singing, dancing, acting and did I mention beautiful?


  1. So pretty! She shined so bright! Great that she got the lead in "The Way You Make Me Feel"! Sooo happy for this young lady!!!

  2. She is pretty and very talented too!