Saturday, November 21, 2009

More Proof Beyonce Can't Sing - Sweet Love

My dislike for Beyonce's voice is no secret. Therefore I rarely write about her because I prefer to focus on more positive things. Giving such a overrated Pop Princess anymore attention is not a good look. However, while doing my morning youtube search. I ran across this video of Beyonce attempting to cover the Anita Baker classic "Sweet Love".

It started out bad and when you think it would improve her voice falls flat. Beyonce singing is a hot mess and she doesn't have the ability to connect to such a song as this. This requires a deeper connection than "Video Phone" or "I'm A Diva". This is about love, something that from her singing you would think she has never experience. In the words of American Idol judge Simon Cowell: "You are the worse singer in the world!"

Beyonce needs to sit down and let Smooth Soul Diva, Anita Baker show her how it should go!

1 comment:

  1. The truth hurts that is why the industry refuses to accept the FACT that Bey CAN NOT SING, proof an audition tape Beyonce sound like "what ever" but Kelly sounded GREAT, they were chosen b/c of Kelly!! I hear Bey trying to do Anita AWWFULLL!! People come to see the wave and butt pads sing disposable songs! Stick to being TACK Bey thats all your good at.