Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Morning Cup of Soul - The Emotions - Smile

This is not staying with the Christmas theme that I've been going with for the last several days of the Morning Cup of Soul but it's still in the Christmas name. I think that a lot of us especially BlackBerry users need a reason to smile this morning. With the mass outage of blackberry service it damn near crushed me because I am truly addicted.

If you are not a blackberry user and you're still have a crappy morning or had a crappy night or because of your amazing night, you're having a crappy morning. Ahhh here is your Morning Cup of Soul to give you a jolt. SMILE!

The wonderful Chicago based group, The Emotions. Harmony like only sisters can have. So SMILE damnit! These ladies harmony is so amazing that Mariah Carey named a song in their honor. Yes, her song "Emotions" is dedicated to these amazingly soulful Emotions.

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