Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I usually leave the hip-hop to the hip-hop bloggers. It's not that I dislike rap/hip-hop but it's that I'm smart enough to know that I in no way can be a critic on something I don't know well. Therefore, thefreshmusicpage.com is dedicated to what I know and that's R&B.

However, I do know what sounds good and the brand of hip-hop Add-2 makes is what sounds good to me. Fresh People I would never lead you wrong, if it sounds good I tell you and if it doesn’t, no matter who it is, I tell you exactly how I feel. Fellow Fresh people I trust that you trust me and I trust that you will enjoy this.

Add-2 the talented MC from Chicago, IL (Unsigned <-- Record Labels get on him!), released his mix tape that I have on heavy rotation: “Tale Of Two's City Vol.3 The Rise & Fall".

I present the video for “Starter Jacket

Official Add-2 "Starter Jacket" video by PreciseMinds/Tori Boyd from Add-2 on Vimeo.

The Official Video for Add-2's "Starter Jacket" from the mixtape "Okayplayer & 2dopeboyz Presents: Tale Of Two's City Vol.3 The Rise & Fall".

Co-Directed by Tori Boyd & Precise Minds Filmworks. Shot & Edited Tori Boyd.



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