Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ten R&B/Soul Singers You Slept On For The Decade

Van Hunt – I can’t believe so many people are sleeping on Van Hunt. He’s the modern day Curtis Mayfield: Singer, Guitarist, songwriter and producer. He also had one of the best albums of the decade “Van Hunt”. Check out “Dust” and “Down Here In Hell” both from the Van Hunt album.

Syleena Johnson – She got those killer vocals and she’s a hell of a writer. She was born to sing soul music but your hard headed ass isn’t listening to her. Her father is Soul/Blues singer Syl Johnson and you can tell she inherited all the talent plus more. Check out “Slowly” and “I’m Your Woman”.

Calvin Richardson – Calvin sings with those throaty back of the woods vocals of Soul legends Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett. Check out songs “Keep on Pushing” and “There Goes My Baby”.

Tarralyn Ramsey – Soul/R&B or Gospel it doesn’t matter Tarralyn can sing it and she does it extremely well. Her voice is the closest to Whitney Houston’s I’ve ever heard. She’s a more soulful Whitney Houston in her prime. That is saying a lot because Whitney is no joke and neither is Tarralyn. She was winner of the now defunct Vh1 “Born to Diva” talent show. Check out “Up Against All Odds” and “Saved”

Urban Mystic - Another throaty back of the woods Soul singer. Born in Florida, he’s the son of a Baptist minister and you can tell. Check out his album “Ghetto Revelations” That includes singles “I Refuse” and “It’s You” and you’ll be hooked.

Slique – Slique just release his album “Rhythm and Ghetto” this year but I already know you’re sleep on him. He has that Marvin Gaye/early R Kelly type swag in his music. Like R Kelly he’s from Chicago and his mentor is music man George Daniels. He’s no R Kelly clone though. Check out “Your Body” and “Your Secret Place”.

Terry Dexter – Terry released her first album in 1999 (not really this decade) but you’ve been asleep on her. I can understand why though, she did release her album in the height of the popularity of other R&B singer’s Brandy and Monica careers. Also who would expect someone that beautiful to have a voice like she do. She can SANG! She released the album “Listen” in 2008 and do yourself a favor and Listen to it. Check out “Beautiful One” and “I’m Free”. From her self-titled album “Terry Dexter” check out “I Don’t Need You” and “Alone”

Eric Benet – How does such a establish artist still floats under the radar? Maybe cheating on actress Halle Berry wasn’t the best way to become popular, huh? Once you put that out of your head and get to his music, you will realize what an excellent artist he is. To me Eric is like a more exciting Brian McKnight. Eric Benet has already had 4 R&B #1 singles, therefore he’s one of the most successful artists on this list. Check out his latest release “Love & Life”.

Ledisi - Before her 2007 “Lost & Found” released, she was singing more Jazz/Soul than actual Soul/R&B. Therefore you get a pass on not knowing her then but now you should know her. She still retained her Jazzy vocals but now she’s going for the full soul singer and she’s doing it well. She garnered her first #1 R&B album this year with the release of “Turn Me Loose”. Check out the single “Turn Me Loose” and “In The Morning” from her 2007 release. HOTNESS!

Joss Stone – She’s not just a little white girl pretending to sing soul. She’s a soul singer that happens to be white. She released “The Soul Sessions” in 2003 and her voice and interpretations of those classic soul songs that were older than her made the hairs on my arms stick up. Her record label has tried to make her into a Pop star but Joss isn’t having any of that. She’s comfortable being a soul singer. Get to know Joss because she’s the modern day Teena Marie. Check out “The Choking Kind” from the “Soul Sessions album” and “Incredible” on her newest album “Colour Me Free”

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