Monday, January 11, 2010

Monica - Everything [Song Review]

When I first heard about a 20 second snip-it of Monica's song "Everything" on her reality show, I couldn't wait to hear the full thing. It just had that old school Monica sound with the full voice and not the "I want to appeal to the teens Pop voice". Now that I heard a full 2 minutes and 24 seconds I feel that something is missing from this song.

Let's start off with the good. Monica starts off great with the first 30 seconds as the song builds and her voice too. However, it's like once she builds and gets to the climax, she forgets to come back down. Now for the rest of the song you got close to 2 minutes of a climax. No song can survive all climax. It's forcing Monica to sing at the top of her range, never offering another climax (the part that give people chills).

At about 52 seconds she should have broke it back down and let it rip again at 1:21. The sample of Deniece Williams "Silly" is killer too and the beat even allows for her to break it down.

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