Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wishing Diana Ross was apart of the Grammy Tribute

Everyone especially a Michael Jackson fan knows of the mutual love between Michael and Diana Ross. Talking with a follower on twitter @ItsJayRabBaby, we talked about how it would be amazing if Diana was a part of the tribute and other legends instead of some of the newer talent. I'm not going to name the person in question on the tribute because I think that person is amazingly talented. However, you can't help but notice that people like Madonna, Quincy Jones and Diana Ross is not a part of the Grammy tribute.

Here is a great video of Diana Ross performing her mega hit "Upside Down" when she ask a young Michael Jackson to join her. It's just an amazing video of two amazing performers. You can see the mutual love!


  1. forget Diana nobody needs her to celebrate the King! Diana is old and Michael was ageless!!! He still lives through his message & music!!!!

  2. Is it me or is Diana not trying to show her love for Michael in public? She wasn't at his public funeral in July, nor any of the tributes on television. I really wish she would make an appearance publicly and share her love of MJ with the world!

  3. As a huge Michael Jackson fan I'm a little ticked at Diana. Diana did not go to the public funeral or the PRIVATE funeral. A funeral that brought out the ill Screen Goddess, Elizabeth Taylor.

    I know that if it was the other way around. As much as Michael would be heart broken he would be there mourning his good friend. Just like Michael made a rare public appearance at James Brown funeral.

  4. I think that Diana stayed away from the public memorial due to the circus-like atmosphere. I truly believe she was grieivng. No one knows for certain that she was not present at the actual private service. I heard that she was, but was escorted in very privately and securely as to not have the media all up in her face and taking away from that special moment for the Jackson family. When her singing partner Florence Ballard passed away, there was alot of hoopla with the press and it created so much chaos when Diana made her entrance into the church. If she didn't attend Michael's services, either one, I don't blame her. Everyone handles grief differently.

    For more about Diana, please check out Dick's Diana Ross Website:

    Thanks for a great article!

  5. I am a little disappointed that she was not part of the tribute too. I am sure there is a good reason why she did not want to get involved.

    But it is disputable that Michael and her are good friends. If not, Michael will not consider entrusting his kids with her in his will.

    She has many times spoken up when her interviewers try to make fun of Michael during the interview. I remember she once told the interviewer off (being the diva she is) during her working overtime tour interview, "If anyone has anything bad to say about Michael, do not tell it to me. He is my friend and I love him very much."

    Diana Ross is usually discrete during funerals of people younger than she is. For instance, she attended Princess Diana's funeral and Michael Hutchence (lead singer of INXS) discretely. No one got a single picture of her during the funerals.

  6. Oops, I am undisputable that they are good friends...:)

  7. It is undisputable that Diana Ross and Michael Jackson have always been true friends and loved each other very much.

    Diana Ross could have exploit this opportunity to "cash in" on her friend's death. She could have make a come back by singing a song during his funeral (ala candle in the wind for Elton John) and wear her heart on her seqeined sleeves by going on every TV channel to grief so that she could get back in the limelight.

    We have seen this happening already (e.g. some members of the Jackson family).

    But she did not. She keep this matter strictly private. This speaks a little about how much she values this friendship.

    Henceforth, I cannot understand why would MJ fans want to take it out on one of his true friends who did not exploit in any way.

  8. All I know is that Diana is not showing the respect to Michael that he would show her. I know that Michael would contribute to a tribute of Diana if she died before him.

    I think Diana and Michael must've fallen out or something before he died. Or maybe she just doesn't feel the same way about him as he feel about her. The love cant be mutual she was just using him because he was the most popular artist ever. I dont believe she has any real love for Michael~

  9. I do agree that they have drifted apart quite a lot.

    But I think they still care for each other. I think they still have some kind of bond still. I doubt Michael will let her have a chance to look after his kids (and indirectly his wealth) if they do not have this kind of bond.

    I have also seen her on different occasions telling the interviewers off when they become disrepectful about Michael during their interview with her.