Friday, February 5, 2010

Fantasia Wants To be A Pop Star with New Song - Even Angels

I know if you're a Fantasia fan, you're ready to attack me because of the title of this blog. I know you're saying Fantasia is already a Star. Fantasia is a soul star but she has very limited success as a Pop star. Nothing is wrong with a Soul star, everyone can't be Diana Ross sometimes you just have to be Patti Labelle.

Since 2004 Fantasia has racked up 5 Top 20 R&B hits but only 1 Top 20 Pop hits. Most of her songs were R&B except for the American Idol powerhouse "I Believe" which had hints of Gospel with Pop appeal. This new song from Fantasia has all Pop appeal. You'll notice that the recorded version doesn't include any of her signature screams and hardly any of her vocal tricks. It's sung straight just like the rest of Pop music.

A song without all the Gospel vocal twist and turns appeals to more people because everyone can hum it. You don't have to be a vocal God or Goddess to sing along. Personally I like it. Fantasia is soulful and it doesn't take all the "Yea, Yea, Yea" screams to get a message across. The "Yea, Yea, Yea" screams work much better on live performances and they usually don't come across well on record. Less is more on recordings unless it's needed. Every song doesn't require you to hit the note out of the ballpark.

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