Friday, February 12, 2010

Jaheim back for "Another Round" Album Review

Jaheim is finally growing up and is ready for “Another Round”. Jaheim came on the scene as the “Ghetto Thug” singing “Ghetto Classics” and he even reminded us that he was “Still Ghetto”. Those were albums that we needed at the time. He was one of the few R&B artists to break through the Hip-Hop dominated music world at the time. With the death of premier Soul Balladeer Luther Vandross people started wanting more from Jaheim. He seemed to be the front-runner for that position that Luther held. You can’t be ghetto and be a soul balladeer, you have to be gentle.

Well ladies and gentlemen Jaheim is back for Another Round and he’s singing about love. This is a good album but not near great. The album is filled with many borderline bland ballads and unremarkable mid-tempo tracks. The best track is the upbeat first single “Ain’t Leaving without you”. The second single “Finding My Way Back to you” is a keeper and my favorite song on the album is “In My Hands”.

It seems like so many singers want to write a song about “Impossible” and they mostly fail, Jaheim is no different. Its borderline bland but it is catchy because of a great sample of the Percy Sledge classic song: “When a Mans Love a Woman”. The sample gives it a familiar sound and it’s easily received.

On “In My Hands” he finally uses his voice to its full potential. “In My Hands” is one of those songs that a Bride will walk down the aisle to. This song has some of the best lyrics that I’ve heard from him: My finger tips touch you soft girl/my two lips kissed truer then this/I doubt I find a love of this kind/Cause when I hold your hand/I’ve got the whole world in my hand. As much as I love the song, it is not single material.

I found myself going back to the album to make sure if it really was this unmemorable? It really is nothing special and it’s a shame. If you need background music for Valentine’s Day, pick it up but I doubt that it will make it into your everyday rotation. If I had to give it a grade: C

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