Saturday, February 13, 2010

We Are The World 25 aka The New One

It's not as bad as I thought it would be but it's nowhere near the groundbreaking original. These stars just don't seem larger than life. The odd pairings wasn't there either. Like putting Mary J Blige with Tony Bennet or Jennifer Hudson with Josh Groban (Ok anybody with Josh is a odd pair). I have no idea why they had Janet Jackson there lip synching Michael's part. Jamie Foxx does a great impersonation of Ray Charles because I thought they added his old part in. The best part is the old school clip of Michael Jackson. I love that Gospel artist Bebe Winans had a part to sing by himself. Other Gospel superstars that got a chance to sing is duo Mary Mary. You actually see a lot of Mary Mary. Jennifer Hudson gets to show off her killer vocals but you might be a little disappointed because she didn't get to climb to the top of her range. However, Celine Dion was able to use her power vocals.

The auto-tune starting out with little Justin Bieber and continuing with Lil Wayne, Akon, T-Pain and you can hear it used to correct some of Mary J Blige's huskiness. Using it on Mary J Blige is really ashame because that made the original so special because you got to hear the raw voices. You got to hear each artist individual style.